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PCR reagents, molecular biology enzymes and kits, and ultrapure biochemicals that yield superior results

The USB product line for the life sciences is now integrated into either our Applied Biosystems or ThermoScientific brand portfolios, enhancing our wide range of products and kits for popular molecular biology applications. For example, the ExoSAP-IT family of products, unique for their ability to remove primers and dNTPs prior to DNA sequencing in a single step, now comprise our line of premium PCR cleanup reagents.  This expands our offering of high quality molecular biology enzymes, reagents, PCR products, selected enzymes, pre-mixed buffers, and reagent kits, continuing a tradition of providing consistent and accurate solutions for sequencing, RT-qPCR, PCR and related molecular biology applications.  Note that many of the USB biochemical products and chemical reagents are now available through our Alfa Aesar website where custom/bulk orders are also accepted.

Popular products

Key applications

DNA Sequencing is the process of reading nucleotide bases in a DNA molecule. In PCR sequencing workflows, a PCR clean-up step is required to remove leftover primers and unincorporated dNTPs that would otherwise interfere with the downstream sequencing reaction. Our one-step ExoSAP-IT Express reagent enables achievement of quality sequencing results in just 5 minutes and allows for 100% recovery of sequence-ready DNA.

Real-time PCR (or qPCR) is used in applications including gene expression analysis, microRNA analysis, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, copy number variation (CNV) analysis, pathogen detection, and even protein analysis. This versatile technology can be used for both relative and absolute quantification methods and easily implemented using our wide selection of real-time PCR reagents and instruments.

Looking for high-quality biochemical reagents?

Our biochemical reagents, now available through Alfa Aesar, provide reliable, repeatable results. To help meet demand for dependable products, we offer high-purity biochemicals and reagents with the proper documentation. Top life science companies rely on Alfa Aesar, now a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, to help meet their life science research requirements. 

Please note:

  • The catalog numbers of USB products on are now prefixed with a "J" (e.g., 11590 becomes J11590)
  • For custom and bulk orders OR to find a substitute/replacement for a USB product that may have been discontinued, submit an Alfa Aesar Quote Request form or email: Alternatively, you may click the "Add to Quote Request" button on a specific product page. For any other inquiry, click the "Technical Inquiry" button near the top of the page.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.