Accurate and comprehensive end-to-end solution with streamlined data analysis for deeper insights into the immune repertoire

How does the body react and defend itself against infection?
Why does one person show symptoms and another is asymptomatic?

Targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) is comprehensive tool that can quickly provide meaningful insights into how the immune system and armies of T cells and B cells respond to and protect from foreign bodies during infection and vaccination.Deeper understanding of immune response can provide valuable insight for decisions critical for addressing global public health concerns in the future.

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Ion Torrent NGS technology enables an accurate, comprehensive, and streamlined research workflow for deeper insights into the immune repertoire. Each assay is powered by leading Ion AmpliSeq technology and is part of an end-to-end workflow with complete, optimized, and integrated analysis solutions that allow you to focus on finding the biological meaning of your data.

Benefits of using Ion Torrent targeted NGS for studying immune response:

  • Automated workflow—streamlined nucleic acid-to-analysis workflow with automationreduces operator-introduced errors
  • Accuracy of variants—lower substitution errors for single nucleotide variants (SNVs) enables sample stratification and quantification of the immune repertoire and somatic hypermutations (SHM)
  • Powerful, user-friendly analysis tools—integrated and easy-to-use analysis tools enable multi-dimensional profiling of the immune repertoire, making it easy to bring NGS to your lab regardless of bioinformatics experience level

Obtain deeper insights into the immune repertoire with targeted NGS

Ion Torrent TCR and BCR assays can be used for research of general host response and to identify disease severity biomarkers, perform targeted immune profiling, and characterize T cells and B cells.

BCR IGH assays

  • Identify and quantify somatic hypermutations 
  • Assess clonal expansion, clonal evolution, and isotype abundance 
  • Evaluate vaccine efficacy 

Available for human and mouse models. 

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TCR beta assays

  • Discover disease severity biomarkers 
  • Obtain deeper insights into TCR clonality and convergence 
  • Identify T cells that are responding to antigenic challenge 

Available for human and mouse models. 

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Scientist Spotlight: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

"We've seen a huge variation in how [SARS-CoV-2] affects people. Together, the repertoire of T and B cell immune receptors could determine a person's immune signature for [SARS-CoV-2]."​

Carl Morrison, MD, DVM, Senior Vice President, Scientific Development, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Additionally, factors like gene expression and microbiota influence immune responses to vaccines. Transcriptome analysis and analysis of the human microbiome are also enabled through Ion Torrent NGS.

Potential role of the microbiome in immune response


Gut microbiome profiles vary from one individual to another and can be an important indicator of health and how the body may respond to infection or vaccination. That is why study of the microbiome is important as the microbiome plays a integral role in viral infection and the immune response. Certain species within the commensal microbiota also are critical in viral research due to their immunomodulatory and antiviral properties. These play a potential role in understanding immune response in conjunction with host genetics but also vaccine development and efficacy.

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With the Ion AmpliSeq Microbiome Health Research Kit, species-level sensitivity and specificity is enabled with an easy sample-to-answer workflow. This assay enables the cost-effective yet comprehensive profiling of the human gut microbiome and includes a fully integrated data analysis tools, to enable biomarker research on gut flora from stool samples.

Benefits of using Ion Torrent NGS for microbiome health research:

  • High sensitivity and specificity with a two-pool targeted panel—species level resolution due to a 16S gene panel and a second panel with over 70 key bacterial species associated with immunological and gastrointestinal disorders for research, as well as commensal bacteria that exhibit immunomodulatory or antiviral properties
  • Simple end-to-end solution—sample to report with minimal hands-on time and standardized process to minimize contamination and variability
  • Robust analytics—analysis solution optimized for microbiome health research that includes several quality-checked, curated databases and integration of popular tools like the QIIME 2 plug-in

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Integrated informatics solutions for Ion Torrent NGS

The Ion Torrent informatics solution is built to optimize the Ion Torrent targeted NGS workflow by creating efficiencies and customizations so you can focus on the meaning of your data. Each step of the workflow enables users to create the solution for their research question, run-plans, quality control, variant calling, and annotation.

A suite of visualization tools built specifically for immunology research is part of our comprehensive NGS solution to help you quickly advance your studies. Sequencing data analysis is automatic, generating results represented graphically and summarized in a format that makes it easy to study immune repertoire features across your samples. 

Interactive spectratyping plots allow you to view the entire repertoire and see clonal diversity and distribution, or focus on an isotype with a single click. Details for individual clones are revealed by simply hovering over the plot with your cursor.


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