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The continued miniaturization of semiconductor structures means that highly precise circuit edit and nanoprototyping tools are required to produce novel devices reliably, consistently, and to desired specifications, thereby reducing time-to-market. This is critical, as the potential cost of missing the window of opportunity on a new technology, or even falling behind, is extremely high.

With the right tools, circuit edit and nanoprototyping workflows and techniques can help companies secure design wins, reduce the number of re-spins (thus saving cost and time), and ultimately securing time-to-market. For example, precision focused ion beam (FIB) editing tools allow you to perform microsurgery and nanoprototyping of new circuit designs, helping you confirm design changes on first silicon without waiting for a re-spin of the design.

With the Thermo Scientific Centrios Circuit Edit System, you can save time and secure design wins by performing circuit edit and rapid prototyping at 14 nm and beyond. This tool is specifically designed for the modern, fast consumer-driven mobile-technology world, and allows rapid prototyping of new designs, as well as testing and evaluation. Learn more on the Centrios product page below

Circuit edit and nanoprototyping workflow






Semiconductor Pathfinding and Development

Advanced electron microscopy, focused ion beam, and associated analytical techniques for identifying viable solutions and design methods for the fabrication of high-performance semiconductor devices.


Yield Ramp and Metrology

We offer advanced analytical capabilities for defect analysis, metrology, and process control, designed to help increase productivity and improve yield across a range of semiconductor applications and devices.

Power Semiconductor Device Analysis

Power Semiconductor Device Analysis

Power devices pose unique challenges for localizing faults, primarily as a result of power device architecture and layout. Our power device analysis tools and workflows quickly pinpoint fault locations at operating conditions and provide precise, high-throughput analysis for characterization of materials, interfaces and device structures.


Semiconductor Materials and Device Characterization

As semiconductor devices shrink and become more complex, new designs and structures are needed. High-productivity 3D analysis workflows can shorten device development time, maximize yield, and ensure that devices meet the future needs of the industry.

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Taipan G2+ Circuit Edit System

  • Imaging and milling resolution to meet 10nm node specifications
  • Superb etch selectivity and deposition control for conductors and insulators
  • Excellent navigation and ion beam placement accuracy

Centrios CE

  • Superior image / milling resolution
  • Enhanced milling precision and control
  • Built on the Thermo Scientific Helios DualBeam platform

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Electron microscopy services for

To ensure optimal system performance, we provide you access to a world-class network of field service experts, technical support, and certified spare parts.

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