Software Downloads offers customers an alternative to buying and maintaining an expensive computer infrastructure typically required for NGS data analysis. Your data and the NGS analysis tools are available via the Internet, accessible anytime and anywhere with Internet access.

Key product features:

  • Zero upfront investment—no initial capital cost required
  • Predictable costs—pay as you go, only for what you need
  • Scalable application—increase/decrease resources as your demands change
  • Versatile data transmission—upload data via Internet or send via physical shipments of hard drives
  • Autonomous analysis—empower customers to perform their own analysis independently
Zero Initial Investment
With our offering, you won’t need to worry about capital equipment or overhead costs (facilities, cooling, system admin headcount, etc). You only pay for what you use with no upfront cost commitments.

Predictable Operational Costs
Gone are the days when you have to justify the cost of your capital equipment outlay for your compute cluster. With our option, your compute costs are based on the amount of CPU time required for your SOLiD® System data analysis.

Quickly Scale Up/Down Your Compute Capacity
We all encounter the occasional spikes in demand. These occasional spikes rarely demand the investment to permanently increase your compute capacity. With you can leverage our virtually limitless compute resources to temporarily accommodate your increased demand.

Upload Data Via Internet or Shipments of Hard Drives
We make it easy for you to upload your data. Using the optional Auto-Export feature of the SOLiD® System instrument, you can “stream” your SOLiD® System data in real-time to For data less than 20GB, you can upload data via Internet. Finally, for large data sets, we provide an overnight international shipping option to upload your data via hard drive to

Give Your Customers the Power to do Their Own Analysis
As Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) becomes more prevalent, more customers demand access to their data quicker and want more control over how it is analyzed. With you or your customers can view and analyze data the moment the SOLiD® System samples have been completed, allowing for independent secondary and tertiary analysis. Customers can use BioScope or their own homebrew bioinformatics pipeline powered by the Cloud.

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