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Guides and Tools

Brochure: Enhance Serum-free Insect Cell Culture with Gibco™ Media

Brochure: Insect Cell Culture

Manual: Growth and Maintenance of Insect Cell Lines

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Gibco™ Custom Media Configurator: Adjust many of our Gibco™ media formulations to create a custom cell culture medium that's just right for you.

  • Cell Imaging Guide with Protocols (iPad™ device version): Find fluorescent dyes, reagents, and protocols for cell biology related fluorescence microscopy applications. 
  • Fluorescence SpectraViewer: Plot and compare spectra, check the spectral compatibility for fluorophores and email the configuration to yourself in a clear printable format. 
  • Gibco™ Cell Culture Companion: Capture and store vital experiment information on your iPhone™ or iPad™ device in the lab as you count cells, perform cell culture calculations, and generate growth curves. And when you're finished, you can export all data files to your Mac™ or PC. 
  • 3D Cell (iPad™device version): Learn about the cell and all its structures, rotate the cell 360 degrees, watch live-cell videos, and virtually stain your own cell with Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ dyes. 

Custom Services

Custom Cell Culture Media Manufacturing Services

Every cell culture project is unique. We are committed to providing you with products and services customized to your research and production needs. Presenting the Gibco™ quality media you know and trust; customized to your specifications. 

Gibco™ Bioprocess Services Project Solutions

The Bioproduction Process Development Team provides in-the-field scientific and business support for Gibco™ cell line and media products as well as Gibco™ PD-Direct™ Services. The unique combination of process science consultants and business development managers work globally to provide product strategies and customized solutions. 

Gibco™ Custom Media Configurator

Adjust many of our Gibco™ media formulations to create a custom cell culture medium that's just right for you. Add and remove components, customize packaging options and choose QC tests. Customize Gibco™ cell culture media products from 1 L to 10,000 L.