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Guides and Tools

Brochure: Enhance Serum-free Insect Cell Culture with Gibco™ Media

Brochure: Insect Cell Culture

Manual: Growth and Maintenance of Insect Cell Lines

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Gibco™ Custom Media Configurator: Adjust many of our Gibco™ media formulations to create a custom cell culture medium that's just right for you.

  • Cell Imaging Guide with Protocols (iPad™ device version): Find fluorescent dyes, reagents, and protocols for cell biology related fluorescence microscopy applications. 
  • Fluorescence SpectraViewer: Plot and compare spectra, check the spectral compatibility for fluorophores and email the configuration to yourself in a clear printable format. 
  • Gibco™ Cell Culture Companion: Capture and store vital experiment information on your iPhone™ or iPad™ device in the lab as you count cells, perform cell culture calculations, and generate growth curves. And when you're finished, you can export all data files to your Mac™ or PC. 
  • 3D Cell (iPad™device version): Learn about the cell and all its structures, rotate the cell 360 degrees, watch live-cell videos, and virtually stain your own cell with Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ dyes. 

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