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Applied Biosystems™ Sanger Analysis Modules are innovative cloud-based secondary data analysis tools that bring together multiple data sets in one convenient place. This online solution makes it easier to view, store, and analyze Sanger sequencing data. The Sanger Analysis Modules are compatible with files from the Applied Biosystems™ 310, 3130 Series, 3730 Series, and 3500/3500xL Genetic Analyzers.

Features & Benefits

Quality Check

For basic quality check
— view .ab1 data and compare performance against thresholds
Free access on the cloud

Variant Analysis

For reference-based re-sequencing analyses

Free access on the cloud

NGS Confirmation

For examination of CE variants to confirm variants detected by NGS platforms
Free access on the cloud

Ease of use with step-by-step interface yes yes yes
ease of use

The new intuitive interface provides step-by-step guidance in importing, analyzing and exporting data. Sanger data analysis is easier than ever before.

NGS confirmation     yes
NGS confirmation

The module provides one central place to confirm your NGS variants. It takes CE sequencer–generated .ab1 files and NGS variant .vcf files, compares variants within the same view and generates a Venn diagram for reporting.

Variant reporting in absolute genomic coordinates   yes yes
absolute genomic coordinates

The modules are the only Sanger sequencing software on the market that reports variants in absolute genomic coordinates and not relative to a reference. This eliminates the need to calculate absolute genomic coordinates from the relative location of a reference sequence.

.vcf output for downstream analysis   yes yes
vcf output

The modules generate and export variants in the standard variant call format (.vcf), which is the standard file format in bioinformatics for storing gene sequence variations. This enables downstream analysis to search multiple databases using the Ion Reporter™ annotation workflow.

Automated database search   yes yes
automated database search

The modules can automatically retrieve reference sequences from genomic databases, report variants in genomic coordinates and report genomic annotations for SNPs.

High processing power (10,000 files in less than 5 minutes)   yes yes
high processing power

High-output labs will no longer be slowed down by data analysis software. The module can process up to 10,000 samples in less than 5 minutes, which enables you to keep up with ever-growing demand.

New Thermo Fisher Cloud module provides an automated workflow to confirm your NGS variants

If you work in a clinical research lab, you are likely familiar with the manual process of comparing data from your NGS platform with data from your Sanger sequencing system. It is a time-consuming process that varies with the quality of your data. Well, good news! NGS variant confirmation is made easy with the Applied Biosystems NGS Confirmation Software.

At ASHG 2015 Venkatesh Moktali led two live demo sessions at the Thermo Fisher Scientific booth, giving customers a glimpse of how this new software solution can streamline their NGS variant confirmation workflow. We spoke briefly with Venkatesh before his demo about the benefits of the software.

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