Ion Torrent™ technology delivers the fastest run times, at the most affordable price, of any next-generation sequencer.

Ion PGM Sequencer
The Ion PGM Sequencer is ideal for sequencing small genomes, sets of genes, or performing gene expression profiling.
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Ion Proton™ System
The Ion Proton System makes exome, transcriptome, and human-scale genome sequencing more accessible and affordable.
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Whatever your research needs, Ion Torrent™ semiconductor sequencing has a solution that is reliable, fast, and affordable.
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Ion PGM System Workflow

The combination of Ion AmpliSeq™ target selection technology, the Ion PGM System, and fully automated template preparation from the Ion Chef™ System offers the simplest and fastest* workflow for gene panel sequencing. Get meaningful results in just half the time of the alternative, with highly multiplexed Ion AmpliSeq DNA panels, the walk-away solution for preparing sequence-ready chips from libraries provided by the Ion Chef System, and faster sequencing on the Ion PGM™ System. From sample to results, there are no centrifugation steps, and half the pipetting steps and hands-on time of the alternative NGS workflow.

Ion PGM Applications

Targeted DNA Sequencing

Ion AmpliSeq technology transforms this application by enabling researchers to rapidly and simply amplify thousands of targets using just 10 ng of DNA. This technology, coupled with the Ion PGM™ System and easy-to-use Ion Reporter™ Software, enables researchers to go from precious FFPE samples to variants in a single day.

Targeted RNA Sequencing

Targeted RNA sequencing, using Ion AmpliSeq technology, is a sequencing-based gene expression profiling method that allows quantification of messenger RNA (mRNA) or targeted non-coding RNA (ncRNA) levels for up to 300 customer-defined genes in a single amplification reaction while using very low input (RNA - 500 pg of unfixed RNA or 5 ng of RNA isolated from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples).

Microbial Sequencing

The evolution of Ion semiconductor sequencing has enabled researchers to take advantage of increased throughput, higher accuracy, and longer reads to produce rapid and accurate sequencing of microbes with streamlined sample preparation and a simple and optimized data analysis workflow.

Mitochondrial Sequencing

Rapid resequencing of mitochondrial genomes for disease research and biodiversity assessment.

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-Seq)

Assessing protein-DNA interactions at genome-wide level is essential for understanding a large number of biological processes during normal development and disease. Isolation of protein-DNA interactions by chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) followed by massively parallel DNA sequencing is an unbiased method for identifying and quantitating DNA sites that are associated to a protein(s) of interest.

Ion Proton System Workflow

Ion Torrent’s highly anticipated Ion Proton System makes exome, transcriptome, and human-scale genome sequencing more accessible and affordable than ever.

Workflows for the Ion Proton System include optimized library kits, automated template preparation, fast sequencing runs, and integrated data analysis solutions.

Ion Proton Applications

Transcriptome Sequencing

The Ion Proton System, combined with Ambion® RNA kits, delivers fast, flexible, and high-quality transcriptome sequencing at an affordable price.

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing

The Ion Proton System combined with the MAGnify™ Chromatin Immunoprecipitation System delivers fast, reliable, and high-quality ChIP-Seq results at an affordable price.

Exome Sequencing

The Ion Proton System, combined with Ion TargetSeq™ technology and Ion Reporter Software, delivers fast, flexible, and high-quality exome sequencing that scales with your research needs. Go from exome library to variant identification in a single day.