More than 40,000 Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ antibodies, accessories, and custom services

Imaging and high-content systems, flow cytometry platforms, Molecular Probes® labeling reagents and cell function assays

Gibco® cell culture media, sera, reagents, and Lipofectamine® transfection reagents

Invitrogen™ cloning kits, expression vectors, enzymes, competent cells, and GeneArt® gene synthesis tools

Invitrogen™ and Ambion® RNA, miRNA, plasmid DNA, and gDNA purification solutions

TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays, SNP genotyping, microarray analysis, and LCM

A broad range of solutions to help you create modified genes, expression systems, and stable cell lines for your research


Applied Biosystems® thermal cyclers, plasticware, standard and specialty PCR enzymes and reagents, and digital PCR

Protein expression, purification, Slide-A-Lyzer™ dialysis products, Novex® gels, cross-linking, mass spec, BCA assays, westerns, and IP.

TaqMan® Real-Time PCR Assays, SYBR® and one-step qPCR master mixes, and real-time PCR instruments

Ambion® siRNA, vector- and virus-based RNAi, in vivo RNAi, and RNAi transfection

Next-generation and Sanger sequencing, Ion PGM™, Ion Proton™, sequencing kits, reagents, and data analysis

Research areas

Cancer genomics, epigenetics, RNA expression, cell analysis, and the Oncomine® Platform

Solutions for assay development, high-throughput screening, and metabolic and safety assessment

Products for sample preparation, sequencing, quantitative PCR, functional analysis assays, and bioinformatics tools

Instruments, reagents, and technologies for marker identification and characterization, and functional genomic studies

Products for culture & expansion of iPSCs and other lineages, and for cell differentiation, reprogramming, and analysis

GeneArt® gene synthesis and cloning tools, precision TALs genome editing, synthetic DNA fragments, and gene synthesis services