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 Genetics/inherited disease
 Infectious disease/Pathogen (Virology/Bacteria)
 Ecology/Plant/Animal Species identification/Barcode of Life
 Molecular cloning (plasmid confirmation)
 Gene editing, CRISPR, Transgenic model confirmation
 Genotyping (plants, cell line confirmation)
 Human ID/Forensics/Paternity/Cell line Confirmation
 Next Generation Sequencing Confirmation
 Non-nucleic acid: Proteomics/Glycan analysis
 Ethanol precipitation
 ExoSAP-IT Express: 5-minute protocol that offers same result as the original ExoSAP-IT reagent (New!)
 ExoSAP-IT: 1 step, single tube, enzymatic PCR cleanup (referenced in over 10,000 publications)
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