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NGS Product & Software Training

AllType FASTplex NGS and TypeStream Visual NGS Software

The NGS Product & Software Training workshop is intended for HLA professionals who are currently using the AllType™ FASTplex™ NGS assay in their HLA laboratory and are looking to learn advanced tips and tricks to improve their workflow. This three-day advanced workshop is suitable for experienced HLA professionals who want to optimize their use of the AllType FASTplex NGS Assay and TypeStream™ Visual NGS Software. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors, network with peers, and gain hands-on experience with the technology. If you are looking to improve your NGS genotyping skills, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

The workshop provides hands-on training and expert guidance, allowing participants to gain the skills and knowledge needed to fully utilize the NGS product and software capabilities in their HLA laboratory.

Topics covered:

  • Product & Protocol Overview
    A brief review of the product's capabilities and its protocol will allow participants to gain experience with the assay protocol and understand the various steps involved in the process, as well as hands-on training of the library preparation amplification process.
  • AllType FASTplex NGS Assay Training
    During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to master the library preparation workflow, including sample barcoding, secondary amplification, and sequencing workflows.
  • TypeStream Visual NGS Software Training
    Participants will also learn how to use the TypeStream Visual NGS Software to analyze and interpret the data generated by the AllType FASTplex NGS assay, as well as how to troubleshoot difficult samples and generate custom reports.

Course Details

Spring (MAR 14-16, 2023)
Fall (AUG 15-17, 2023)

Location: Thermo Fisher Scientific - West Hills, CA

Level: Advanced

Audience: Laboratory Technicians, Laboratory Managers

CEC eligibility pending.

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