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2024 Virtual Software Training Series

We recognize that practice makes perfect, so we have created a virtual software series to help you stay fresh with your knowledge while teaching you new ways to approach the intricacies of human leukocyte antigens (HLA) data. You will see how our technical teams tackle unique and challenging data sets with the intention of getting you more familiar with software functionality and how to approach complex data on your own. These courses are designed specifically for regular users of our assays and software and should be viewed and considered by anyone looking to gain more experience and become more comfortable working independently with difficult data.

This series of six virtual workshops trains users on how to use One Lambda™ LABType™ assays, TypeStream™ Visual 3.1 software, LABScreen™ assays, AllType™ NGS assays, AllType™ FASTplex™ assays, HistoTrac and HLA Fusion™ 4.7 software. This series will run every other month from February through December. 

Episode Title Instructor Information

How to Identify Contamination in your AllType™ or AllType™ FASTplex™ Run

Maureen Montgomery, Sr. Technical Training Specialist-NGS

Recorded date:
Feb. 27, 2024

54 minutes