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Assessing HLA Antibodies: Can we understand the strength?

Presenter: Nicole M. Valenzuela, PhD, D (ABHI) | Assistant Director at the UCLA Immunogenetics Center and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Want to learn about the methodology and utility of the various reported methods of solid phase HLA antibody testing? Learn about HLA antibody testing, interpretation of HLA antibody profiles, and the utility of serum dilution and C1qScreen in this discussion led by Dr. Nicole Valenzuela.

Topics discussed: 

  • Overview of single antigen bead testing
  • Technical aspects, advantages and caveats
  • Interpretation of HLA antibody profiles using serum dilution and C1qScreen in parallel
  • Utility of serum dilution and C1qScreen to guide and monitor efficacy of desensitization therapy
  • Patient case study review