LATAM Virtual Workshop

Because the content in this workshop is updated anually, these recordings will be available for a limited time.

English Version

This is an in-depth workshop on our LABType™, LABScreen™, and AllType™ NGS products as well as HLA Fusion, HLA MatchMaker, and TypeStream™ Visual software. The interactive session includes case study discussions, software and product overviews, as well as a presentation by Dr. Dave Lowe, our Sr. Director of Research & Development, on the future of HLA antibody detection. Our instructors answer questions throughout this presentation.

Day 1 | LABScreen Overview

  • Basic Product Overview and Updates
  • Basic Approach to Analysis (LSM, PRA Class I and II, and SA Class I and II) in HLA Fusion Software 4.6
  • Difficult Serum Samples: Case Studies


Day 2  | Eplets and Epitopes

  • “ExPlex, Epitopes and the Future” - Dr. Dave Lowe 


Day 3  | HLAMatchMaker

  • Basic of HLAMatchmaker (History and Requirements for Use)
  • HLAMatchmaker in HLA Fusion Software 4.6 (epitope matching and epitope analysis)
  • A Case using Epitope Analysis
  • A Case using Epitope Matching


Day 4 | LABType Overview

  • Basic Product Overview and Updates
  • Basic Approach to Analysis: Technical Applications of Software Functionality HLA Fusion Software 4.6
  • Case Studies


Day 5  | AllType, AllType FASTplex™ & TypeStream™ Visual NGS Analysis Software

  • Product Line Overview
  • Basic comparison between AllType and AllType FASTplex
  • High level software overview in TSV 2.0.1
  • Case Studies