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Introducing the HLA Assay as a Companion Diagnostic in Immunotherapy Development Webinar

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Watch this on-demand webinar that discusses the critical role of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes in immunotherapy. This webinar explores the significance of HLA molecules in presenting tumor-specific antigens to T cell receptors (TCR) to eliminate tumor cells.

In this webinar, Dr. Sean Carey, the Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs at Thermo Fisher Scientific, provides an in-depth overview of the importance of HLA genes in the adoptive immune response. He highlights how HLA molecules play a crucial role in the immune system's ability to recognize and eliminate cancer cells.

Moreover, we are joined by Lee-Anne Zinetti, the Senior Director of Global Lead Precision Medicine at Novartis, who discusses the benefits and importance of codeveloping a companion diagnostic (CDx) for precision medicine from the early stages of drug development. The webinar covers the challenges and regulatory requirements associated with the development of a CDx, and how codevelopment can prevent delays and reduce the overall cost of therapy.

Viewers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of HLA molecules in cancer immunotherapy, along with the significance and benefits of developing a CDx. This webinar was designed for scientists, researchers, clinicians, and anyone interested in the latest developments in cancer immunotherapy. Watch it now to learn from leading experts and gain invaluable insights into this
critical area.

Learning Objectives:

  • Get an introduction to HLA
  • Discover how HLA is involved in immunotherapy
  • Understand a workflow for developing a CDx


Dr. Sean Carey
Senior Manager, Scientific Affairs,
Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Lee-Anne Zinetti 
Senior Director,
Global Lead Precision Medicine,

May 15, 2023

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Sean Carey
Senior Manager, Scientific Affairs 
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lee-Anne Zinetti
Senior Director, Global Lead Precision Medicine