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Filling in the gaps: A Single-Center Experience with ExPlex ASHI 2021 Symposium

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The number of Hispanic transplant candidates in Texas continues to grow, and the University Health HLA Laboratory in San Antonio has voiced concerns that reactivity with HLA antigens in this population may be under-detected with basic single-antigen bead (SAB) panels. The laboratory added the One Lambda™ LABScreen™ single antigen ExPlex panel to their basic SAB-based assay to address this “SAB gap”, and they were able to achieve more accurate virtual cross-matching with a total of 151 HLA class I and 119 HLA class II beads. They were able to detect HLA reactivity that would have previously gone undetected without having to perform additional tests, so adding the ExPlex panel to their assay saved the laboratory time and resources.

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Dr. Kelley Hitchman, MS, PhD
University Health System,
San Antonio, TX

Sep 28, 2021

Series: ASHI 2021 Symposium |  Adapting Laboratory Diagnostics to a Changing Landscape