Thermo Scientific™

Celestron™ TLP/VF-TLP Test System

The Thermo Scientific™ Celestron™ TLP/VF-TLP Test System can be configured for both Standard TLP and VF-TLP for testing at the wafer level and/or package level. Optional probes can also be used to measure signals on pins or pads other than the ones being stressed. The Celestron system software is the most comprehensive in the industry and utilizes graphics to assist in system setup and connection to the DUT. During test operations, it displays the recorded TLP pulse voltage and current waveforms, compiled pulsed I-V curve, leakage current measurements, and DC I-V curve trace data. The operator can select the range of test voltages (stress pulses), pulse polarity, leakage and curve trace parameters. The position and duration of the measurement window within the TLP pulse can also be selected, and modified after the data is collected.

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  • Wafer and package level TLP testing
  • Integrated WINDOWS® - based system controller
  • High current TLP pulse generator
  • Integrated +/-200V source/meter unit
  • Optional bias supplies (up to 5) under computer control for powered testing and measurements
  • Can be interfaced with semiautomatic probers
  • Advanced, intuitive software for control and report generation
  • Small bench top footprint