PureLink™ RNA Mini Kit

Catalog number:  12183020

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RNA Extraction

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The PureLink RNA Mini Kit is a column-based kit used to isolate high-quality total RNA from a wide variety of sample types in 20 minutes using standard laboratory equipment. The kit includes RNase-free lysis and wash solutions that protect RNA from RNases while liberating the RNA from DNA, proteins, and other cellular debris. The fast spin-column workflow is ideal for processing low to mid-throughput batch sizes. The advanced PureLink RNA Mini spin column design allows for maximum sample input (200 mg of tissue) and RNA recovery (up to 1000 µg). This means that users can process both small and large sample sizes with the same RNA isolation kit.

• Process sample inputs from 5–200 mg of animal/plant tissue or from 0.5 x 106 to 108 tissue culture cells with one spin column in 20 minutes
• Isolate more RNA than competitor mini spin columns: up to 1000 µg of total RNA from one column
• Use isolated RNA in most applications without the need for further DNase treatment (very low minimal residual DNA carry over)
• Flexible–optional on-column or post-isolation DNase treatment is available with PureLink DNase Set for easy removal of residual DNA

Extra-large binding capacity enables rapid RNA purification using standard laboratory equipment
The PureLink RNA Mini Kit provides rapid purification of total RNA from a wide range of cells and tissue types to yield up to 1000 µg of purified RNA from a single extraction (see Figure 1). High-quality total RNA can be obtained from mini- to midi-prep amounts of starting material with just trace amounts of residual genomic DNA contamination. The extra-large binding capacity enables one kit to handle most RNA isolation needs in a quick 20 minute protocol without the need for special sample processing instruments.

Easy, optional, on-column DNase treatment for sensitive applications
The PureLink RNA Mini Kit columns are highly efficient for isolating high quality total RNA while removing the majority of genomic DNA. In general, most applications requiring RNA from animal tissue or mammalian cell lines do not require additional DNase treatment. However, some applications such as gene expression analysis by qRT-PCR without intron-spanning primers or working with samples from organisms with very small or no introns may require more complete removal of residual contaminating DNA. The PureLink DNase Set allows for convenient on-column digestion of DNA during the RNA isolation protocol. Treating with DNase while “on-column” is easier and allows higher RNA recovery than treating with DNase after the RNA has been isolated. The PureLink DNase Set can also be used to remove residual DNA from RNA that has been previously purified. Both the “on-column” and post-RNA purification workflows are options available with the PureLink DNase Set.

Simplified, non-toxic RNA purification
The PureLink RNA Mini Kit utilizes non-toxic guanidine-isothiocyanate lysis buffer to protect the RNA during the isolation steps. Special RNase-free reagents combined with certified RNase-free silica membranes in a unique column configuration allow for a safe and easy procedure that can typically be completed in less than 20 minutes without the need of hazardous phenol/chloroform extraction, CsCl centrifugation, or LiCl or alcohol precipitation.

The PureLink RNA Mini Kit is recommended for use with the Homogenizer (Cat. No. 12183026), designed to homogenize cell or tissue lysates via centrifugation, prior to nucleic acid purification. The Homogenizer is especially effective for clarifying particulates from plant tissues.

For plant tissues rich in polyphenolics or starch (e.g., pine needles, potato tubers), we recommend using PureLink Plant RNA Reagent (Cat. No. 12322012) together with the PureLink RNA Mini Kit.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Final Product Type: Total RNA
For Use With (Application): Microarray Analysis, Next-Generation Sequencing, Real-Time Quantitative PCR (qPCR), Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR), Northern Blotting, Nuclease Protection Assays, cDNA Library Construction
Purification Target: Total RNA
Sample Type: Plant Samples, Yeast, Cells, Tissue, Bacteria, Blood
Isolation Technology: Silica Spin Column
No. of Reactions: 10 Preps
Quantity: 10 columns
Yield: 1000 µg
Elution Volume Max: 300 µl
Elution Volume Min: 30 µl
High-throughput Compatibility: Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
Scale: Mini
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Starting Material Amount: 5 x 10^6 to 1 x 10^8 cells, Up to 200 mg tissue
System Type: PureLink™
Product Line: PureLink™

Contents & storage

The PureLink® RNA Mini Kit comes with enough RNA lysis solution, spin cartridges, wash tubes, recovery tubes, wash buffers, and RNase-free water to perform 10 RNA purifications. All components should be stored at room temperature. Guaranteed stable for 1 year when properly stored.