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DTBP (Wang and Richard's Reagent)

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DTBP (Wang and Richard's Reagent)

Catalog number: 20665
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Thermo Scientific Pierce DTBP is dimethyl 3,3'-dithiobispropionimidate, a crosslinker that contains amine-reactive imidoester groups around an 8-atom spacer arm, whose central disulfide bond can be cleaved with reducing agents.

Dimethyl dithiobispropionimidate (DTBP) is a homobifunctional, cleavable and membrane permeable crosslinker. It contains an amine-reactive imidoester at each end of an 8-atom spacer arm. Imidoesters react with primary amines at pH 8-10 to form stable amidine bonds. The amidine is protonated and therefore, like the lysine it modified, has a positive charge at physiological pH. Proteins, including antibodies, generally have several primary amines in the side chain of lysine (K) residues and the N-terminus of each polypeptide that are available as targets for imidoester crosslinking reagents.

Features of dimethyl 3,3'-dithiobispropionimidate:

Reactive groups: imidoester (both ends)
Reactive towards: amino groups (primary amines)
• Imidoester reacts rapidly with any primary amine-containing molecule to form amidine bonds
• Cleavable by reduction of spacer arm disulfide bond with DTT, TCEP or other reducing agents
• Compare to DMS (non-cleavable)
• Water-soluble

• Reversibly crosslink and stabilize protein-protein interactions
• Stabilize protein interactions prior to ChIP assays to capture indirect protein interactions

DTBP crosslinks can be easily reversed by the addition of 100-150 mM DTT at 37°C for 30 minutes. DMS, the non-cleavable analog of DTBP is available for applications that require a stable, non-cleavable bond. DTSSP, the NHS-ester analog of DTBP is also available for applications that require crosslinking at physiologic pH or greater stability of the crosslinked product at elevated pH. DTBP and DMS have essentially identical crosslinking activity toward primary amines.

Properties of DTBP
• Alternate names: Cleavable DMS
• Molecular weight: 309.28
• Spacer arm length: 11.9 Å (8 atoms)
• CAS number: 38285-78-8
• Reactive groups: Imidoesters, react with primary amines at pH 8–10

DTBP Specifications
We manufacture DTBP to the highest specifications to produce the most specific bioconjugates, ensure the integrity of your data and to provide you with the highest degree of consistency. Each lot of DTBP cross-linker is tested to meet the following minimum specifications:
Identity: IR scan shows only peaks characteristic of the structure and functional groups of DTBP
Melting point: begins melting between 170-178°C, melts within a 2°C range

Product References:
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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