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Nalgene™ Polysulfone Dilution Bottles with Closure

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Resist bases, weak acids and all aqueous solutions in applications with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polysulfone Dilution Bottles with Closure. With graduations at 90 and 99mL, these are our clearest and most accurate dilution bottles. They have a useful temperature range of −100°C (148°F) to +168°C (329°F) and are accurate to ± 1mL.

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  • Excellent chemical resistance to bases and weak acids—ideal for use with food products
  • Useful for a wide range of temperatures -100°C (148°F) to +168°C (329°F)
  • Transparent, so it's easy to read graduations at both 90mL (for 1:10 dilutions) and 99mL (for 1:100 dilutions)—accurate to ±1mL
  • Autoclavable/Transparent/Leakproof†

Note: Autoclaving when used with Tween will reduce the life of this dilution bottle.


Polypropylene screw closure

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