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TaqMan™ Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit

Catalog number:  4466335

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The TaqMan® Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit is a food safety testing kit used to determine the percentage of Roundup Ready soya against the total amount of soya present in a DNA sample. This real-time PCR kit contains all reagents (except for the template DNA) required for the quantification of Roundup Ready soya. The benefits of the TaqMan® Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit over other commercially available products include:

• Efficiency—detection of small DNA fragments through use of Taqman® MGB probes
• Sensitivity—quantification limit of 20 DNA copies and detection limit of 3 DNA copies
• Flexibility—adapted to processed DNAs

The TaqMan® Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit consists of plasmid-containing targets for the endogenous soy gene, known as lectin, and for the transgenic event (GTS-40-3-2) present in Roundup Ready soy. This soy accounts for approximately 80% of all soy cultivated worldwide and is considered to be the most widespread transgenic event.

The TaqMan® Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit is optimized for use in all Applied Biosystems® real-time PCR instruments.

The development and manufacture of this kit occurs through a partnership with IMEGEN (Instituto de Medicina Genomica), which has a long history of GMO research and development.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


No. of Reactions: 96 Reactions, 96.0 Reactions
Product Line: TaqMan™
Target Gene: Lectin, GTS-40-3-2
Target Molecule: DNA
Target Specificity: Target-Specific
Detection Method: Primer-Probe Detection
Sample Type: Food