Thermo Scientific™

Nalgene™ 870 Tubing

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General Plasticware

Utilize translucent Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 870 Tubing for transferring aggressive and corrosive chemical fluids. Useful over a very wide temperature range (-270° to +260°C) with low water absorption. Excellent for low-pressure use with mechanical, compression fittings at room tempearature. Food-grade materials comply with 21 CFR 177.1520 for food packaging.

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  • Wider temperature range -270° to +260°C (-518° to +500°F)
  • High level of inertness for high purity applications
  • Sterilization by autoclaving, gas, dry heat and disinfectants
  • Two 25′ coils per case except larger sizes


Do not sterilize by radiation. Should not be used with molten alkali metals, elemental fluorine and fluorine precursors at elevated temperatures or concentrated perchloric acid.

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