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Pierce™ Primary Neuron Isolation Kit

Catalog number: 88280
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Thermo Scientific™

Pierce™ Primary Neuron Isolation Kit

Catalog number: 88280
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The Thermo Scientific Pierce Primary Neuron Isolation Kit provides isolation and culturing reagents for the optimal yield and viability of primary neurons from embryonic cortical and hippocampal tissue from mouse and rat.

Features of the Primary Neuron Isolation Kit:

Optimized—procedure and reagents optimized for viability, yield, purity, and ease-of-use
Yield—provides a 2-fold increase in yield compared to do-it-yourself methods
Viability—greater than 95% of isolated cells remain viable in culture from Day 1 to Week 4
Functional—cultured neurons contain processes indicative of complete differentiation and functionality

The Primary Neuron Isolation Kit has been designed to obtain high viability and purity of primary embryonic neurons using validated reagents and an optimized procedure for enzymatic digestion and culturing. The kit contains tissue-specific dissociation enzymes, media formulated specifically for neuronal cell culture, and cell culture supplements that promote the isolation and growth of functional neurons. The validated protocol and reagents produce highly pure primary neurons for either short- or long-term culture, and the kit is designed for use by both experienced and non-experienced users.

• Complete kit includes Neuronal Isolation Enzyme, Hanks' Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), Neuronal Culture Medium, Neuronal Culture Media Supplement, Glutamine Supplement, and Neuronal Growth Supplement

• Fresh embryonic mouse or rat tissue sample, heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (FBS), poly-D-lysine treated culture dishes

• Neuronal cell differentiation
• Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
• Functional and biochemical assays
• Biologically relevant system for preclinical drug discovery, neurotoxicity testing, and predictive disease modeling

The Pierce Primary Neuron Isolation Kit has been optimized to provide excellent cell yield and to sustain cells at greater than 95% viability. The neurons are appropriately polarized, develop extensive axonal and dendritic arbors, express neuronal and synaptic markers, and form numerous, functional synaptic connections with one another. They can be used as a model system for molecular and cellular biology studies of neuronal development and function, especially for visualizing the subcellular localization of endogenous or expressed proteins, imaging protein, neuronal polarity, and dendritic growth and synapse formation [1].

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An efficient method for the isolation of highly functional primary neurons

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Type
Primary Cell Isolation Kit
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Neuronal Cells (Pre-Natal), Primary Cells
Target Species
Rat, Mouse
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1 Kit

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Upon receipt, store Product 8828X at 4°C and Product 8828Y at -20°C. Product 8828X is shipped with an ice pack. Product 8828Y is shipped on dry ice.


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