Applied Biosystems™

CytoScan™ Amplification Kit

Catalog number: 902975
Applied Biosystems™

CytoScan™ Amplification Kit

Catalog number: 902975
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1 kit
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9029751 kit
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CytoScan Amplification Kit is not sold as standalone but included in the NEW CytoScan Cytogenentics Suite Bundles:

905824 CytoScan HD Kit Plus 24

905896 CytoScan HD Kit Plus 96

905924 CytoScan 750K Kit Plus 24 - (Available Outside US/Canada Only)

905996 CytoScan 750K Kit Plus 96 - (Available Outside US/Canada Only)

The CytoScan™ Amplification Kit is part of the CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite, the unrivaled standard in cytogenetics, enabling the highest genome-wide resolution to detect chromosomal aberrations.

The CytoScan Amplification Kit has been designed to be used at the PCR amplification step of the CytoScan assay and is manufactured by Takara Bio USA, Inc (Clontech). CytoScan Amplification Kit is equivalent to the Clontech Titanium™ DNA Amplification Kit (Cat. No. 639240, 300 reactions, or Cat. No. 639243, 400 reactions). The amplification reagents in the CytoScan Amplification Kit generate PCR products to be used in the preparation of the target DNA to be hybridized to CytoScan 750K and HD Arrays. The kit contains enough reagents to prepare 400 PCR reactions-equivalent to 96-100 samples processed with the CytoScan assay.

The CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite includes: CytoScan Arrays, CytoScan Reagent Kit, the easy-to-use Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS), and the proven GeneChip™ Instrument System.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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