TURBO DNA-free™ Kit

Catalog number:  AM1907

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The TURBO DNA-free™ Kit contains reagents for the efficient, complete digestion of DNA along with the removal of the enzyme and divalent cations post-digestion.

Note: if you would like to purchase the enzyme alone, without the inactivation and cation removal reagents, please see TURBO™ DNAase.

Features of the TURBO DNA-free™ Kit include:

• Hyperactive TURBO™ DNase is a catalytically superior enzyme compared to wild type DNase I
• Removes trace quantities of DNA that can interfere with RT-PCR
• Reagent included to completely remove DNase without phenol treatment or heating

The best method for genomic DNA removal prior to RT-PCR
TURBO™ DNase is a recombinant, engineered form of DNase I that is much more efficient than wild type DNase I in digesting away trace amounts of unwanted DNA. TURBO™ DNase binds DNA substrates 6-fold more tightly than traditional DNase I, making this enzyme the tool of choice for clearing residual DNA that can generate a false positive signal in RT-PCR applications. TURBO™ DNase now includes an enhancer that increases the effectiveness by two orders of magnitude.

Efficient DNase and divalent cation removal without organic extraction or precipitation
Conventional DNase treatment of RNA samples prior to RT-PCR typically call for inactivation of the DNase by phenol:CHCl3 extraction or heating followed by a precipitation step to concentrate the RNA. Phenol:CHCl3 extractions can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Heating the sample to inactivate DNase can lead to chemical degradation of the RNA by divalent cations present in the DNase buffer. The TURBO DNA-free™ Kit circumvents these problems using a novel DNase Inactivation Reagent. In addition to removing the TURBO™ DNase from the reaction, the Inactivation Reagent also binds and removes divalent cations from the TURBO™ DNase Reaction Buffer.
WARNING: Reproductive Harm -
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Type: TURBO DNA Free Kit
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Product Line: Ambion™, DNA-free
Enzyme: DNase
Compatible Buffer: Reaction Buffer

Contents & storage

10X TURBO DNase Buffer
DNase Inactivation Reagent
Nuclease-free Water

Store components at -20°C (Nuclease-free water may be stored at room temperature)