Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ block management system instrumentation requires the use of Arcos trays, sold separately. Arcos cabinets are highly recommended for storage.
Thermo Scientific™

Arcos™ Tissue Block Management System

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Anatomical Pathology

Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ block management system is designed to help improve sample traceability and save laboratories’ time and resources throughout the sorting, archiving, retrieval and re-archiving processes.

In just minutes, the Arcos system scans hundreds of blocks and records their exact location — from the position in the tray to the final storage point in a laboratory’s archive. The system is designed to help reduce the risk of losing blocks, improve operational efficiency and expand workflow capacity for both short and long-term archiving.

The Arcos system includes:
  • Scanner
  • PDA
  • Label printer
  • PC
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Enhance Traceability
  • Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ block management system can read up to 240 blocks at a time by scanning each block’s unique identifier.
  • The system scans, photographs, and records each block, associating it to a specific tray position and storage location within an automated archive for easy retrieval. This sonic sensor scanning technology provides accurate, rapid detection via an internal camera that is able to read quick codes, QR codes, DPM codes, and OCR software.
  • Check-in/out controls provide visibility into who retrieved a block, why it was needed, and when it is due to return. Blocks that are checked out longer than anticipated are documented.
  • Upon return, blocks can be placed in any position on the Arcos tray and the scanner will update the block’s location in the database automatically.

Data Security and Network Flexibility
  • The Arcos system features redundant protection. Its database backup is automatically updated on the Arcos PC and Flash storage within the scanner. The unit can be configured to automatically archive your database backup to your choice of secure storage – hard drive or external network.
  • Laboratories have the ability to control individual user database access and modification permissions.
  • Benefit from flexible network-based or LIS-based connectivity options to meet your laboratory’s configuration:
    • Network-Based Connectivity:
      • Data back up
      • Multiple PDAs
      • Multiple scanners
      • Arcos System/Arcos App (for multiple users (PCs)
    • LIS-based Connectivity:
      • Uni-directional connection
      • Bi-directional connection

Smart Storage
  • When used with the Arcos block management system, the storage trays and cabinets make archiving and retrieval easy. Each tray features a unique serial number and easy-to-navigate XY coordinate guides. Blocks are neatly arranged and simple to identify and locate.
  • The Arcos system offers flexible archiving solutions for both short and long-term archiving. The Arcos storage cabinets offer two configurations with 18 and 24 tray capacity.  These are designed specifically for high-density storage that can be stacked to optimize capacity and space. 
  • Cardboard sleeves may be used as an alternative storage option in place of the Arcos cabinets. Each sleeve can hold one Arcos tray, up to 240 blocks.
  • The compact form-factor of the scanner is designed to fit neatly within space-challenged laboratories.

Operational Efficiency
  • Improve lab workflow by automating manual activities where errors can cause block processing delays.
  • Experience significant daily time savings, enabling your staff to focus on other value-added tasks.
  • Keeps your laboratory’s resources focused on what matters most – patient outcomes.

Peace of Mind
  • With proper use of the PDA, Arcos is designed to reduce the risk of retrieving the wrong block, misplacing a block, filing block incorrectly, and/or losing a block.
  • Rapid retrieval of the correct block may reduce impact to patient safety.
  • Arcos features are designed to reduce the risk of errors endemic to hand-sorting processes.