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APCI/APPI Combination Ion Source

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Achieve more effective ionization of a wider range of compounds with the Thermo Scientific™ APCI/APPI combination ion source. The APCI/APPI ion source is the result of collaboration between Thermo Fisher Scientific™ and Syagen Technology. Building on the proven Thermo Scientific orthogonal APCI probe, the addition of the Syagen PhotoMate™ light source enables analysis of nonpolar compounds and a range of other compounds that ionize poorly or not at all by traditional electrospray.
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The PhotoMate light source uses a Krypton lamp which emits photons at 10.0 and 10.6 eV. Krypton was carefully selected because these photon energies, while being sufficient to ionize most analytes, are lower in energy than the ionization potentials of common reversed-phase LC-MS solvents such as water, methanol, and acetonitrile. The low energy photons result in spectra with virtually no chemical noise and also ensure minimal fragmentation of the analyte allowing the protonated species of the radical cation to be identified.



  • Ionizes widest range of compounds
  • APCI, APPI, and combined APCI/APPI modes
  • Krypton VUV light source reduces chemical noise
  • Proven Thermo Scientific™ Ion Max™ ion source platform
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