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Maxima™ H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix, with dsDNase

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Reverse Transcription

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Thermo Scientific Maxima H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix with dsDNase provides a simple workflow that combines genomic DNA elimination and cDNA synthesis in a one-tube procedure. The cDNA reaction components are pre-mixed into a complete master mix that is convenient to use, reduces pipeting steps, and is optimized for cDNA synthesis in two-step quantitative RT-PCR (RT-qPCR) applications. Maxima H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix is optimized for reproducible cDNA synthesis at elevated temperatures (50–65°C) within 30 minutes.

Features include:
• One-tube master mix for reduced pipetting steps and enhanced consistency in RT-qPCR results
• Increased RT efficiency across a wide range of input RNA amounts and gene targets
• High thermostability to allow RT reactions at 50 to 65°C temperature range
• Integrated step of genomic DNA removal from RNA samples

The master mix contains Maxima H Minus Reverse Transcriptase (RT) and RiboLock RNase Inhibitor. Maxima H Minus RT is an advanced enzyme derived from M-MuLV RT by in vitro evolution. The enzyme features high thermostability, robustness, processivity, increased cDNA synthesis rate, and lack of RNase H activity. The recombinant RiboLock RNase Inhibitor effectively protects RNA template from degradation by RNases A, B, and C at temperatures up to 55°C. The master mix also contains reaction buffer, dNTPs, oligo (dT)18, and random hexamer primers. A separate tube of No-RT control mix is provided for convenient RT negative control.

The included double-strand specific DNase (dsDNase) allows removal of genomic DNA from RNA samples in 2 minutes without affecting the quality or quantity of RNA. This dsDNase is also available separately (Cat. No. EN0771).

Additional information about reaction components
• The No RT Control mix contains all components in the Maxima H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix except Maxima H Minus RT. The presence of a PCR product in the No RT Control reaction indicates that the reaction is contaminated with DNA. To further enhance genomic DNA elimination efficiency, template RNA incubation with the included dsDNase is strongly recommended.
• The dsDNase is used for rapid and safe removal of contaminating genomic DNA from RNA samples. dsDNase is easily inactivated by moderate heat treatment (55°C). It allows for a dramatically simplified workflow that combines genomic DNA elimination and cDNA synthesis into one-tube procedure.
• Nuclease-free water is provided for reaction set-up and dilution of sample DNA. The absence of exodeoxyribonucleases, ribonucleases, and phosphatases has been confirmed by appropriate quality tests.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Reverse Transcriptase: Maxima H Minus
Downstream Application: Real-Time PCR
Reaction Format: SuperMix or Master Mix
Sample Type (General): RNA
Optimal Reaction Temperature: 50°C inculbation temperature for RT reactions
Product Line: Maxima&trade
Product Size: 50 reactions
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice

Contents & storage

• 1 x 200 µL Maxima H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix
• 1 x 200 µL Maxima H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix No RT Control
• 1 x 50 µL dsDNase
• 1 x 100 µL 10X dsDNase buffer
• 1 x 1.25 mL nuclease-free water

Store at -5 to -30°C.


Manuals & protocols