iBind™ Flex Cards

Catalog number:  SLF2010

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Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

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iBind Flex Cards are used with the iBind Flex Western Device, which is an automated western-processing device that performs every step in the western workflow from blocking to washes to antibody incubations. Each solution is released from the iBind Flex device wells to the iBind Flex Card through sequential lateral flow (SLF); the solutions are then wicked towards the stack region of the card. The glass fiber matrix of the card allows for homogenous and consistent flow of the solutions to the membrane, increasing the antigen-antibody interaction.

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The iBind Flex Cards, together with the iBind Flex Western Device and iBind Flex Solution Kit or iBind Flex Fluorescent Detection (FD) Solution Kit, bring automation and simplicity to your western protocol. Each iBind Flex Card can process up to one midi blot, two mini blots, or six vertically-cut strip blots.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): iBind Flex Western Device, iBind™
Quantity: 10 Cards
Running Time:
Capacity: one midi blot, six vertically-cut strip blots, two mini blots
Detection Method: Fluorescent, Chemiluminescent, Colorimetric
Membrane Compatibility: PVDF and Nitrocellulose
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Product Line: iBind Flex