19 Oct 2020

Auto Threshold for Multi-Thresholding

The combination of Auto Thresholding and Multi-Thresholding makes it easy to create precise surfaces without additional smoothing, using the Generate Surface's smoothing option "Existing Weights".


To create a precise surface using Generate Surface without additional smoothing, segmentation with Multi-Thresholding is necessary. However, in Multi-Thresholding, you have to set the threshold value(s) interactively.

This Tcl script-object calls Auto Thresholding for automatic and reproducible determination of the threshold value(s), and uses them with Multi-Thresholding.

The created label-field contains the weight values necessary for using Generate Surface with the "Existing Weights" smoothing option.

The settings of the module are a sub-set of those from Auto Thresholding and Multi-Thresholding.