3 Mar 2021

Component Verification Using X-ray Computed Tomography and CAD Comparison

The following video and training material uses an additively manufactured con rod to demonstrate how the surface profile generated from X-ray CT data can be compared to the original component CAD design.

In the manufacturing industry, dimensional precision of components is a critical aspect of ensuring that components will fulfill their desired role. Exposed surfaces can be validated using CMM techniques, while X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) can be used for verification of external and internal features. The following resources explain how the Avizo Software visualization package can be used to compare the surface profile of a manufactured component analyzed using X-ray CT to the original CAD design to reveal deviations in the surface dimensions. This analysis methodology is particularly useful for users who want to assess machined or additively manufactured components.

Speaker: Tristan Lowe, PhD, Senior Experimental Officer in X-ray imaging at the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility, The University of Manchester.

To follow this training, you should have a general knowledge of Avizo Software, including not only the basics such as data loading, interacting with the 3D viewer, connecting modules, but also using colormaps, accessing the Tcl Console, and switching on Units management.

We encourage you to download the training material, which contains a lot of additional information, as well as the dataset used in this tutorial from the Download link (located in the right column).

Additional resources: