15 Apr 2020

Copy Measure Annotation Settings

This Tcl script-object can be used to copy visualisation settings from one measure to all others in a Measurement module. It is also possible to save/load settings to/from a text file.


The following visualisation settings are considered:

calloutFontTitle calloutFontNote calloutColors decimalPlaces lineWidth color

Right-click on a Measurement module, select Create Object and choose Xtra->Annotate->CopyMeasureAnnotationSettings.

The parameters are:

  • Reference measure: Use the slider to select the measure whose settings shall be copied to all the others. The label of the measure is shown below in Measure name.
  • filename: You can specify a file name here, for saving or retrieving settings.
  • Action:
    • Import settings: After importing settings, those settings will be used when pressing Apply, as long as no other things were changed afterwards (e.g. the Reference measure index selection).
    • Export settings: The settings of the selected measure will be saved to the specified file.

    Press Apply to apply the chosen settings to all measures of the Measurement object.