18 Nov 2021

How to Create a Particles Segmentation Recipe in Avizo2D Software

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Image Recipe Designer (formerly 'ISP') workroom in Avizo2D software to create and run a recipe for particles segmentation.

Important note: this tutorial has been recorded with Amira-Avizo2D 2019.4. It demonstrates how to use the Image Stack Processing (ISP) workroom. Amira-Avizo2D 2022.2 release introduced some changes in the image recipes creation and edition management. It is now done from a workroom called 'Image Recipe Designer' (previously ISP), which is always accessible from the main toolbar. It is now possible to load images or recipes from within the workroom. As a consequence, the selection of the dataset used to edit a recipe is now done within the workroom. As far as building the recipe is concerned, the philosophy of the workroom remains the same, therefore this tutorial remains fully relevant even if you are using the latest version of Amira-Avizo2D Software.

This tutorial provides an introduction to Avizo2D Software. It demonstrates how to load a 2D dataset, and then create a segmentation recipe from the Image Stack Processing (ISP) workroom. In this specific example, the recipe performs the segmentation of particles located in the foreground of a 2D image. The recipe is then saved, and returning to the main workroom, it is applied to the data, allowing further analysis, quantification, and statistics extraction, as explained in this tutorial.

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