18 Nov 2021

Landmark based Data Alignment

This module can be used to facilitate the alignment of datasets using pairs of landmarks. The video tutorial demonstrates this technique.

This Xtra provides a module that conveniently allows you to align datasets using pairs of landmarks, relying on a 'Landmark-2-set' object.

This module allows for computing a linear spatial transformation between a set of landmark pairs, provided as a 'Landmarks (2 sets)' dataset. It also allows setting or composing the forward or backward transformation to any spatial data, which can be, for instance, an image or a surface dataset.

Contrary to the 'Landmark Image Warp' or 'Landmark Surface Warp' modules, this module only modifies the spatial transform associated with the data, which is much faster. You can use the 'Resample Transformed Image', or 'Apply Transformation' modules to  apply the transformation effectively to the dataset, if needed.

Learn more about transformation and the Transform Editor.