24 Feb 2021

Large Data Visualization

This video tutorial demonstrates how to deal with visualization of large datasets.

This video tutorial shows how to deal with large data visualization in Amira-Avizo and PerGeos.

These three scenarios are presented: 

  • Small Data : fits in RAM and GPU
  • Large Data : fits in RAM but not in GPU
  • Huge Data : does not fit in RAM nor in GPU

This tutorial provides a quick explanation about LDA (for Large Data Access) out-of-core loading on demand based on a multi-resolution octree mechanism. 

An Excel spreadsheet is provided to estimate the amount of memory needed to load a given resolution in memory from the multi-resolution file (available through the Download button).

Some strategies are proposed to produce videos without rendering artifacts.

Watch : Courtesy of Werth Messtechnik GmbH. Battery : Courtesy of Paul Shearing’s Group, University College London.