13 Jan 2021

Non-Standard Python Package Installation Tutorial

This Xtra provides a brief video that explains how to install a Python package in a newly created Python environment using pip or edm.

If you want to expand on the default python installation, you can do this using the Enthought deployment manager (EDM) or pip. This technique can be useful for updating existing packages or adding new ones and their dependencies. This video explains how to update the dask package from version 1.0 to 2.6 using pip.

Commands used in this tutorial (replace [environment name] with the name of the new python environment you make):

  • edm environment list
  • edm list -e [environment name]
  • edm search dask
  • edm shell -e [environment name]
  • pip install dask[complete] --upgrade
  • python
  • import dask
  • print(dask.__version__)
9-11-2020 10-35-51 PM