22 Jan 2021

Point Cloud to Spreadsheet

This Python script-object allows you to convert a point-cloud object to a spreadsheet object.


This Python script-object converts a point-cloud object into a spreadsheet-object. This can be useful, for example, if you want to:

  • Export¬†the points' coordinates to some other software, because spreadsheets can be exported to ASCII, CSV, or XML formats.
  • Perform some statistical analysis on the points' coordinates.

The point coordinates are written to the columns CenterX, CenterY, and CenterZ. If data-columns exist in the point-cloud object, those are also copied to the spreadsheet.

Connect the script-object to the point-cloud object and click Apply.

In the example project, the local density of a point cloud is calculated and assigned to the points. To get a table out of this, Point Cloud To Spreadsheet is used.