6 Mar 2023

Python Command Module

A module to enter and execute Python code from Amira-Avizo Software interface.


The Python Command Module executes Python code from the Amira-Avizo Software interface, without having to create a Python script and its associated resource file in an external editor.

The module easily integrates into your workflow and can be saved as part of your project, like any other module.

Connect the module to your data, input your Python code, and press Apply to execute it. Several input data can be selected.

The module can be created by connecting it to a data, from the Xtra>Compute category in the pop-up menu, or by right-clicking in the Project View and going to the Xtra>Animations And Scripts category of the pop-up menu.

This Xtra contains a simple example project that demonstrates how the module works.

Note: the Python Command Module works on the same principle as the Tcl Command Module.