2 May 2024

Segmentation+ Workroom Tutorial

Discover the Segmentation+ workroom, a powerful tool for interactive 3D image segmentation. This tutorial offers a comprehensive overview of the segmentation process, covering essential principles and tools.

Segmentation is the process of assigning labels to each pixel in an image to describe the associated region or material. This is particularly valuable for generating 3D models and accurately quantifying data.

The Segmentation+ workroom offers users the flexibility to switch between different views and modes, such as a 3D viewer or camera mode. It provides tools for zooming into specific image regions and adjusting the visualization of different slices.

This tutorial guides users through the step-by-step process of segmenting an image, effectively separating it into distinct materials or layers. Various tools and techniques, including thresholding, region growing operations, and manual selection with a brush tool, are employed.

The Segmentation+ workroom also allows for fine-tuning and modifications to the selection. Users have the ability to assign selections to specific materials, visualize them in different ways, and even associate them with a color map.

Ultimately, the segmented structures can be visualized, and a volume rendering can be generated based on the chosen color map used throughout the segmentation process.