14 Oct 2019

View Manager

This module allows storing and retrieving camera settings for viewer windows to be able to switch easily between different view presets.


This module allows the user to assign up to four different camera settings for one or more viewer windows to four buttons for easy switching between the views.


Right-click on the background in the "Project View" window, select "Create Object …" and choose "Local / ViewManager".

On start-up the available viewer windows are queried and put into the list at "Choose Viewer(s)". If you want to update this list later, restart the module (Note: This will erase all defined views!).

Store a viewer state:

1. Select the viewers for which you want to save the settings in the "Choose Viewer(s)" list.

2. [Optional]: If you want to assign a name to this setting, write it into the field "Name for new view".

3. Press one of the buttons in "Define view".

Retrieve a viewer state:

Press a button in "Set view"


It is not a real "undo". It restores the settings before the last pressed "Set view" button.


1. If you use the "Pin" functionality for the "Set view" buttons, those buttons will always be accessible in the "Properties" region, even if the "ViewManager" module is not selected:

2. The "Perspective" or "Orthographic" mode of the camera is also taken into account.