Applied Biosystems Solutions for Agrigenomics

Applied Biosystems solutions have the answers to big agricultural genomics questions

How do we keep up with growing populations and a changing environment? Can we sustain humanity for the future? Can we put an end to food poverty? For those willing to ask the big agrigenomic questions, Applied Biosystems solutions are where the answers come together. We partner with you to deliver the in-house expertise and end-to-end, customized solutions you need to advance your agrigenomic research at every stage of the workflow. 

Overcoming forestation challenges

Next-generation sequencing, genotyping, and other modern genomics techniques present a major opportunity for ArborGen and other tree breeders.

Genomics and cattle

Dr. Andrew Cromie has been overseeing the mass genotyping of Irish cattle using genomics tools for the primary objective of genetic improvement of dairy and beef cattle in Ireland.

Genotyping in aquaculture

For Dr. Tiago Hori, director of Aquaculture Innovation at Atlantic Aqua Farms, the challenge of bringing targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS) into aquaculture was making sequencing technology economically feasible.

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