What if we could prevent tumor formation? Detect cancer without invasive biopsies? Or cure even the most aggressive cancers? For those willing to ask the big questions in cancer research, Applied Biosystems is where the answers come together. Bringing you the accuracy, speed, and breadth of solutions you need to facilitate your oncology research from discovery through to the delivery of life-changing treatments.

Cancer research spotlight


Since 2015, Dr. Darren Roberts has worked on the development of gene signatures to detect hypoxia in prostate and bladder cancer in order to personalize treatment for patients undergoing radiotherapy. More recently, Dr. Roberts has been working on preparation of these signatures for use in routine clinical practice.

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Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common cancer in children. Because these diseases are aggressive and progress quickly, obtaining test results fast is key to helping patients receive the right therapies that may improve clinical outcomes.

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Growing up in a Native American family from Nevada, Dr. John Tyson McDonald knows firsthand that ancestry plays a role in genetic predisposition to certain conditions. It’s this knowledge that drives his research.

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White paper: QC for ex vivo manipulated cell lines and tissues


A variety of genetic analysis methods are valuable in ensuring that ex vivo human cells to be used for cell-based therapies are correctly identified, have the correct characteristics, and are free of contaminants.

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