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Applied Biosystems solutions have the answers to big oncology questions

What if we could prevent tumor formation? Detect cancer without invasive biopsies? Or cure even the most aggressive cancers? For those willing to ask the big questions in cancer research, Applied Biosystems solutions are where the answers come together. We deliver the accuracy, speed, and breadth of solutions you need to facilitate your oncology research from discovery through delivery of life-changing treatments.

Non-small-cell lung cancer management webinar

Advances in genetic analysis technologies—qPCR, digital PCR (dPCR), Sanger sequencing, and NGS—have enabled researchers and clinicians to pinpoint alterations in some patients' tumors and to deploy more targeted treatments for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), extending survival rates significantly. 


In this on-demand webinar, Professor Michael Thomas, head of the department of thoracic oncology at the Thoraxklinik University of Heidelberg, discusses how synergistic advancements in molecular capabilities, targeted therapy, and immune checkpoint inhibition (ICI) development offer a bright future for lung cancer treatment.

Understanding cancer with precision genomics

Applied Biosystems solutions include a comprehensive range of tools that are extensively utilized in cancer research. In this eBook, learn how genomics can be incorporated into cancer research, from decoding cancer signatures from extracellular vesicles to using circulating tumor DNA to predict survival rates.

Advancing cancer research using genetic analysis tools

New advances in gold-standard genetic technologies such as qPCR, CE sequencing, and microarrays continue to drive fundamental and applied discoveries in oncology. More recent technologies such as NGS, microfluidic dPCR, and others are enabling researchers to pursue new territory with greater sensitivity, precision, and speed. This eBook explores how genetic technologies have enabled some of the most recent and exciting discoveries in several areas of cancer research. 

Customer spotlights

Atocha Romero

Director, Liquid Biopsy Laboratory
Hospital Universitario Puerta di Hierro

Dr. Romero and her team hope to utilize digital PCR technology to eventually develop effective screening for lung cancer.

Tata Medical Team

Tata Medical Center

Dr. Col. Deepak Mishra and his team of researchers share how Applied Biosystems technologies enable their research on acute leukemias.

Francis Barany

Professor, Microbiology
Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Barany discusses his research into new liquid biopsy methods that use cost-efficient and scalable technology, in order to make cancer detection more accessible.

Kristi Baker

Associate Professor
University of Alberta

Dr. Kristi Baker shares how her lab uses both animal and human models for their research into colon cancer, in order to close the gap between bench and bedside.

Sheri Olson

Vice President and General Manager
Human Identification
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Meet Sheri Olson and learn about her journey from a curious kid to one of the history-making scientists who studied and patented the BRCA 1 breast cancer gene.

Lanbo Xiao

Research Investigator
Michigan Center for Translational Pathology
University of Michigan

Meet Lanbo Xiao, a researcher using TaqMan Gene Expression assays to differentiate between aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancer.

Derek McMahon

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Pennsylvania

Derek McMahon, PhD, explains how bitter compounds, such as quinine, have the potential to act as therapies for multiple diseases, including cancer.

Featured blog posts

Fragment analysis and cancer

Learn how fragment analysis techniques can help us to eventually understand the mechanisms that lead to cancer, detect cancerous cells, and provide avenues to research cancer treatments. 

Discovering Treg cells

An interview with Dr. Shimon Sakaguchi, whose interest in immunology led him to discover Treg cells and understand their role in autoimmunity.


Liquid biopsy and cancer

Cancer researchers like Dr. Atocha Romero are allowing us to determine potentially effective use of liquid biopsy in cancer diagnosis and management. We spoke with her to learn more about the challenges and opportunities involved in this approach.

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