Connect with our integrated solutions to support your cell therapy development at every stage. Through our high-quality materials and services, our goal is to support your research through every phase: from initial discovery through clinical trials to commercially viable cell therapies.


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Wherever you are in your cell therapy development journey, we have the solutions and expert guidance to help you reach all your milestones and advance your therapies all the way through to commercialization. Whether you’re developing in-house capabilities or outsourcing all or part of your projects, we work with you as a reliable, single-source partner at every phase. Download our brochure and connect with the solutions and guidance you need to advance your cell therapies.


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Thermo Fisher Scientific Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) family of products in multiple configurations for cell therapy applications

Cell Therapy Systems (CTS)

From high-quality cGMP manufactured cell therapy ancillary materials to regulatory documentation and safety testing, find out how our CTS products can connect your clinical stem cell therapy and immunotherapy research to the clinic, and beyond.

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Cell-based immunotherapy solutions

From cell isolation, to gene transfer, culture and characterization. Accelerate your immunotherapy workflow from discovery to approved therapy by connecting to immunotherapy products that take your research to the next level.

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Stem cell therapy solutions

Advance your stem cell therapy research to clinical treatment. Whether you’re developing an induced pluripotent stem cell therapy or adult stem cell therapy, we can connect you to solutions for every stage of your stem cell therapy development process.

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Accelerate cell therapy development

Learn how the new state-of-the-art cell therapy manufacturing and collaboration center on University of California, San Francisco Mission Bay campus will empower researchers to scale future clinical campaigns.

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Two CGT manufacturing scientists wearing PPE operating a HyPerforma Single-Use Fermentor (S.U.F.)

Cell therapy manufacturing solutions

Connect to a partner that can develop a cell therapy manufacturing process that suits your needs. We offer closed manufacturing systems and single-use technologies (SUT) developed to reduce the risk of contamination, shorten turnover time and help accelerate your development.

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Clinical trial assistance and cold chain logistics

Protect your irreplaceable cell therapy materials by connecting to expert advice and optimized solutions for transporting, storing, and handling specialized biological samples and material, from ambient to cryogenic temperatures.

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Cell therapy solutions for the lab

Learn how our market-leading products and services can streamline your cell culture workflow. Explore our range of smart, reliable solutions to customize your laboratory.

Find out how we can connect your cell culture to the market-leading products and services designed to meet your cell culture workflow needs. See our range of smart, reliable solutions for your laboratory.

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Ensure safe and accurate product

Find out how we can connect you to the latest, cutting-edge technology that ensures quality, safety and accuracy to meet your in-process and lot release testing needs.

Contaminant and Impurity QC Testing

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Connect to our portfolio of innovative, scalable, purpose-built, flexible products that help you ensure maximum productivity, consistency and reliability across your entire workflow.