Instrument specifications

Designed to fit on a benchtop, the compact Rotea system’s counterflow centrifugation technology is designed to gently and efficiently separate cells, aggregates, or beads based on size and to concentrate particles with outer diameter (OD) >5 μm.

The proprietary Draw Extraction Technology lets users gently and precisely recover washed and concentrated cells from the processing chamber. In addition, the CTS Rotea system incorporates multiple sensors to monitor and protect the integrity of the closed system.

Parameter Specification
Centrifugal force 3000 x g
Peristaltic pump flow rate 5–160 mL/min*
Centrifuge chamber volume 10 mL
Cell count per chamber load 5 x 107–5 x 109 cells**
Output cell concentration 5 x 106–300 x 106 cells/mL
Recommended input volume range 50 mL–20 L
Minimum output volume range 5 mL
Maximum fluid density 1.10 g/mL
Operating noise level <70 dBA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 16 x 11.4 x 20 in (body only), 30 x 11.4 x 20in (with bag poles)
(40 x 29 x 50.8 cm (body only), 76.2 x 29 x 50.8 cm (with bag poles))
Weight 44 lb (20 kg)
Tablet accessory model 2-in-1 Dell™ 5290 system (laptop and tablet)
*Dependent on single-use kit type.
**Dependent on cell type. Centrifuge can be filled multiple times to process larger batches.
Note: Specifications and parameters above are cell type and protocol dependent. Instrument and Consumable Regulatory Support File available upon request at

Rotea single-use kit specifications

The CTS Rotea single-use kit provides flexibility for process development and seamless transfer to clinical-scale manufacturing. Closed, single-use kits enable multi batch processing in a shared, grade C clean room leading to cost-effective transfer and scale-out.

Parameter Specification
Kit sterility Compatible with Luer connectors and sterile welding
Sterilization method Gamma sterilized
Tubing material DEHC-PVC
Flow rates Standard kit: 5–110 mL/min
Hi-flow kit: 30–160 mL/min
Output cell concentration Up to 300 x 106 cells/mL