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IQCP resources and documentation are now at your fingertips. Thermo Fisher Scientific has assembled various tools, references and links to help you address the CMS requirement for IQCP implementation. Our templates, including risk assessment guidance and a wide range of educational resources for our products, will help prepare you to implement comprehensive quality control plans––your way.  

Satisfy your antimicrobial susceptibility testing requirements with high performance automated and manual test products to help ensure patients are on the most appropriate treatment plan. Our AST products are designed with the user in mind and with what matters most: accurate, reliable, and consistent results. 

Achieve fast results with fewer limitations with a reliable, versatile and cost-effective blood culture system: the solution for improving patient care and aiding early diagnosis of sepsis.

Maintain the highest quality standards with Thermo Scientific™ culture media. Our rigorous quality standards have made us a trusted source of culture media for laboratories around the world.

Guide proper patient management with biochemical, immunological, automated or semi-automated microorganism identification solutions to suit your needs—the choice is yours.

Collecting and transporting specimens can be troublesome, especially when trying to preserve target organisms. Ensure your laboratory receives healthy and viable organisms by choosing the right transport system. 

Put your trust in quality control methods and products backed by over 30 years of expertise for reproducible results and consistent microbiology testing.  

Streamline procurement and complement your test program with a complete range of supplies, from loops and needles to environmental systems, to support the entire clinical workflow.  

Consolidate your antifungal susceptibility testing

 Introducing the only FDA-cleared automated assay for rezafungin susceptibility testing of Candida spp.

Consolidate your antifungal susceptibility testing onto a single format and provide MIC results for more antimicrobials to clinicians when considering treatment options for candidemia and invasive candidiasis. Choose from our IVD-labeled Sensititre™ YeastOne™ YO4IVD AST Plate or the research-use-only Sensititre YeastOne YO11 AST Plate, both featuring rezafungin.

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Sample. Identify. Test.

Sample. Identify. Test.

Find your product mix for coronavirus viral transport and associated viral and bacterial infections.


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Tailored Delivery Solution

Reduce the cost of your prepared media delivery and inventory stock management systems

Deliver prepared media direct to the laboratory, reduce cardboard box waste and improve ergonomics with the Tailored Delivery Solution (TDS).

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Rapid, simple, Influenza A & B detection

Rapid, simple, Influenza A & B detection

Rapidly detect Influenza A and Influenza B viral antigens from human nasal wash, nasal swab and throat swab specimens using Thermo Scientific™ Xpect™ Flu A & B Test. Maintain productivity with a simple two-step procedure that offers accurate results in 15 minutes.

Tackle MDRO resistance with reliable, consistent results

Tackle MDRO resistance with reliable, consistent results

Perform susceptibility testing of multidrug-resistant, Gram-Negative organisms against a comprehensive range of second-line antimicrobials on a single platform with Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ Gram-Negative AST Plates.

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