Maintain high quality standards with Thermo Scientific culture media. Our rigorous quality standards have made us a trusted source of culture media for laboratories around the world. So you can rest assured knowing the media that reaches your lab will provide optimal recovery and differentiation of organisms, and batch-to-batch consistency for superior product performance. 

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Pioneering innovative solutions through customer collaboration

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are in a unique position. We have forged a strong reputation based on our quality, and stand as a truly global player whose reach spans across the world. 

But what makes us unique is what happens behind the scenes; we are relentless in our pursuit of the next advancement. Our experts continually pioneer innovative solutions, to ensure we provide flexibility like never before. And we collaborate closely with our customers to deliver tailored, flexible service. 

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Discover what enables our culture to better serve your microbiology lab


By relentlessly pursuing the next advancement, we work harder to make smart solutions to optimize your lab's operations. 

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Recognized worldwide for our heritage of high quality culture media, we control every step in the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product to ensure consistent quality while meeting global standards.

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We've been working with our microbiology partners to achieve our shared sustainability goals, and have developed a number of solutions to help customers 'go green' while streamlining workflow.

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Dish to digital

By embracing the idea of a more digital laboratory, we're working hard to create solutions, from 2D barcoding to increased investment in laboratory information management systems (LIMS), that can handle the demands of today’s labs.

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Our team of experienced microbiology experts are ready to partner with your laboratory to address your unique needs, as well as the flexibility to design custom solutions for niche applications.

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Our global network of distribution centers ensures you receive timely delivery of the freshest media, plus technical support in local language supports customers around the world with implementation and troubleshooting.

Product categories

Prepared media

Optimize recovery and differentiation of organisms with a full range of prepared media formulations and formats, combining ease-of-use with accurate, reproducible performance. Plated media are available in multiple formats, including monoplates, biplates, triplates, and quadplates, along with a wide range of tubed broths and agars in a variety of sizes and fill volumes, for greater testing flexibility.

Chromogenic media

Detect, presumptively identify, and screen samples for pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms with chromogenic media specifically designed for clinical applications. Colorful, easy-to-read colonies and short incubation times enable timely decision-making for clinical microbiology laboratories.


Boost your laboratory's productivity and speed critical results to clinicians while reducing storage space, hands-on time and confirmatory tests. Our biplate combinations bring together some of the most widely used, high-performing culture media formulations and put them on a single plate, reducing waste and the amount of plastic used to support your green initiatives. Our goal is to help you do more, learn more, and grown more.

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