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Product spotlight: KingFisher PlasmidPro Processor

Revolutionize your plasmid DNA extraction process for unparalleled efficiency and scalability with our cutting-edge innovation. The KingFisher PlasmidPro Maxi Processor introduces a breakthrough fully automated solution for maxi-scale purification.

  • No centrifugation or setup needed; just pour culture and press start
  • User-friendly protocols eliminate manual steps and errors
  • Boosts productivity compared to manual workflows

Customer spotlight: Will the “Frozen Zoo” unlock de-extinction for stem cell biology?

The “Godmother of stem cells” Dr. Jeanne Loring and the San Diego Zoo are on a mission to save the northern white rhino from the brink of extinction with induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology. We take a dive into how the Frozen Zoo, the world's largest bank of living cell cultures from across the animal kingdom, and outside-the-box scientific thinking could unlock a new era of genetic conservation.

Explore new pathways

Every step is a discovery. Learn more about our new workflows and streamlined processes.

Get ready for the future with molecular biology innovations

Elevate your scientific journey with tools for DNA & RNA isolation, protein extraction, reverse transcription, amplification, cloning, and nucleic acid electrophoresis. Uncover innovation for accurate results. 

Upgrade your cell biology with innovative solutions

Optimize your cell biology results with innovative solutions. Our Gibco, Invitrogen, and Nunc products are designed for reproducibility and reliability in cell culture. Explore advanced formulations for consistent results. Upgrade today for excellent performance.

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We are building a better to make your buying journey faster and easier. We prioritize collaboration and communication with the aim of providing you with the information you need at any time. Easily manage orders, automate standing orders, track shipments, and connect with Thermo Fisher Scientific resources: efficiency made simple.

Discover solutions for challenges in immunology research

The field of immunology continues to evolve and has gained even greater significance globally in light of the recent pandemic. Rooted in passion, innovation and impact, we provide firsthand insights and perspectives for achievable breakthroughs for scientists in the field of immunology research to explore the spark to advance science. 

Innovate to educate

Explore innovation through learning. Access resources, free on-demand webinars and discover new techniques and tools. Elevate your knowledge and stay ahead with our latest products.

Savoring the individuality of a cell

Hear from Dr. Mondovi Chatterjee PhD, Director of Single Cell Core at Harvard University Medical School, on her thoughts about innovation, what it means for single cell RNA Sequencing, and what drives her pursuit of science.

Meet the inventor of Gibco HPLM

Gibco Human Plasma-like Medium (HPLM) is formulated to resemble the natural cellular environment found in the body, mimicking the metabolic profile of human plasma. Learn how Jason Cantor brought this innovation to market.

Extraction-free RT-PCR: Analyze gene expression directly from cultured cells

Invitrogen Cells-to-CT kits measure relative gene expression by Real-Time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) without the need for tradition RNA extraction. Learn how to bypass traditional sample preparation steps and perform qPCR analysis directly from the lysates of cultured cells.

Counting of single cells and nuclei on Countess Automated Cell Counters for scRNA-Seq and scATAC-Seq

The Invitrogen Countess 3 FL Automated Cell Counter is a reliable tool for accurately counting and evaluating the viability of single cells and nuclei. With its ability to provide data resolution at the single-cell level, this automated cell counter enables researchers to gain new insights into gene expression and regulation.

New podcast episode: Inside the world of CROs

Discover the world of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in our latest episode! Join our hosts as they chat with Saboor Hekmaty, Director of Laboratory Operations at Avrok Biosciences. Saboor sheds light on the inner workings of CROs, revealing the essential skills needed to support a wide range of projects for their customers and more.

Reduce screening effort with TRIM technology for custom DNA libraries

The complexity of combinatorial DNA libraries can quickly spiral out of control. Rational design of DNA variant libraries using TRIM technology can help to maximize your screening workflow by minimizing unnecessary duplications and artifacts in the library.

Gibson Assembly Cloning

Gibson Assembly cloning does not require restriction and ligation and allows the assembly of multiple DNA fragments regardless of length or end compatibility, in a highly efficient, seamless method. With Gibson Assembly you can utilize cloning efficiencies up to >95%, saving time and resources to accelerate your research.

Protein Research Handbook: Explore Key Methods & Techniques

Complete with technical overviews and selection guides, explore and learn about key methods in protein research, including cloning and protein expression, protein sample preparation, protein purification, protein gel electrophoresis, western blotting, immunoassays, mass spectrometry, protein bioconjugation, crosslinking, and more.

Automation is the future of sample purification

Save time, increase consistency and stay flexible. Get ready for your future research with KingFisher automated purification systems.

Counteracting the rising needs for screening tools

Unlocking the full picture: analyzing multiple biomarkers from a single sample for comprehensive insights.

Overcoming challenges in nucleic acid isolation from 3D tumor models

3D cell culture models have taken center stage as important pre-clinical models, bridging the gap between traditional 2D and animal testing methods. For cancer research and drug development, 3D tumor models can accurately recapitulate some of the clinical characteristics of cancer.

5 Steps to establishing tumoroid culture

Learn about establishing tumoroid models for cancer research by downloading our free guidebook. This technical handbook reviews the key steps of the tumoroid workflow from sourcing tumoroids through downstream assays, and calls out key tips and tricks to help educate researchers on the nuances of tumoroid culture.