Quote turn-around time is 5 business days.

1. If available, provide gene name and ID:


2. Choose siRNA /miRNA Type:

5’ modifications only available for Silencer, Pre-miR, and Anti-miR product lines
 Silencer® Select siRNA
 Ambion® In Vivo siRNA
 mirVana™ miRNA mimic
 mirVana™ miRNA inhibitor
 Stealth® RNAi siRNA
 Silencer® siRNA
 Pre-miR™ miRNA
 Anti-miR™ miRNA
 No (if no is selected, proceed to #4)
 Yes (if yes is selected, please specify sequence below)

Sequences need to be entered in the following format.  If choosing any above options other than “Custom,” sequences will automatically convert to selected product family archetype.

•    DNA: a,c,g,t
•    RNA: A,C,G,U

5’Modifications: (available for Stealth RNAi, Silencer siRNAs and PreMIRs/AntiMIRs)

•    5’ Alexa Fluor® 555: /A555/AmMC6/
•    5’ Alexa Fluor® 647: /A647/AmMC6
•    5’Fam: /6-FAM/
•    5’Cy3: /Cy3/

Please provide sequences in the box below in the following format:

Name, Sense Sequence (5’-3’), Antisense Sequence (5’-3’);
*Warning: Sequences will be synthesized as they are entered below. Overhangs will not be converted.

4. What is your requested yield? *

 50 nmole
 100 nmole
 250 nmole
 500 nmole
 1 µmole
 10 µmole
 Custom, please provide amount below

5. Samples are shipped dried in a 2 mL screw-cap tube.


7. What is the purpose of your request?

 Price information needed for grant proposal
 Purchase in 0-1 month
 Purchase in 2-4 months
 Purchase in 5 months or more
 For informational purpose only

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