Gene Synthesis

Complex genes, higher-order DNA assembly, and free optimization for protein expression.

GeneArt Strings Fragments and Libraries

Custom synthetic gene fragments (up to 3 kb) and libraries (up to 2 kb) with full IUPAC options, ready for cloning.

Gene-to-Protein Service

Expertise in the full workflow, from synthesis to protein production with a world-class optimization algorithm utilizing Expi293 and ExpiCHO expression systems.

Directed Evolution

Site-directed mutagenesis, site-saturation mutagenesis, and libraries.

Seamless Cloning and Gibson Assembly.

Clone up to 15 fragments simultaneously without leaving scars.


See our full-suite of cloning products.


Molecular Biology Resource Library

Access valuable support for standard molecular biology techniques from our library of webinars, videos, articles, and more. 

Molecular Biology Web Tools

Utilize free online tools for primer analysis, reaction setup, biochemical conversions, and calculators.

Product selection guides

Molecular Biology Handbook

Optimize your experiments. Our latest edition is improved with more technical tips, educational tools, and guidance to select the right molecular biology products.

Molecular Biology Product Discontinuations

Find an alternate to a discontinued molecular biology product.

Services and Support

Email or call our Technical Application Scientists for additional questions regarding molecular biology products.