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One CDS for your chromatography and routine mass spectroscopy instruments

Our chromatography and mass spectroscopy instruments are intuitive and innovative — ensuring simple operation while achieving better separations and higher sensitivity than ever before.

Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS is built on the same principles — simplifying your workflow and giving you superior insights into your data, delivering ease of use, comprehensive instrument control, automated data analysis and flexible reporting.

Learn how Chromeleon CDS supports quantitative mass spectrometry workflows for all separation techniques and MS variants.

Designed for mass spectrometry

Chromeleon 7.2 Chromatography Data System is the first CDS to support mass spectrometry (MS) instrument control and data processing with all main front-end separation techniques (GC, IC, LC) in an enterprise (client/server) environment. This replies to the rapidly growing demand for using mass spectrometric instruments in quantitative analysis for their higher sensitivity and richer detection information. Chromeleon software delivers full control for many Thermo Scientific MS systems, including tuning and instrument calibration.

Mass Spectrometry Instruments

Chromeleon CDS also contains the necessary MS-specific data views, data processing, and reporting capabilities to streamline your chromatography and MS quantitation workflows in one application.

chromatography studio display
Chromatography Studio display of the Total Ion Chromatogram (TIC) and Mass Spectra plots.

By extending Chromeleon CDS beyond chromatography into MS, it is now possible to streamline chromatography and MS quantitation workflows within a single software package and use your MS like any other routine detector.

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Orbitrap Exploris 480 Vanquish

LC-MS software

Chromeleon CDS simplifies your routine quantitative mass spectrometry data acquisition and analysis. It provides full control of Thermo Fisher single/triple quadrupole and high resolution accurate mass (HR/AM) systems using native control drivers.

MS-specific views including TIC, XIC, Mass Spectra, quantitation channel, and MS component traces streamline data processing with parameters able to be set per component using MS-specific detection algorithms.

Here is a recent customer interview discussing their use of Chromeleon CDS, their experience of using it with their HR/AM LC-MS system and the benefits they see to having one software for control and processing:

Discover how Chromeleon CDS supports LC-MS in a fully automated interpretation workflow for finding targets in chemical reactions in this on demand webinar and case study.

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Single quadrupole MS software

Chromeleon CDS also includes embedded control of the Thermo Scientific ISQ EC and EM single quadrupole mass spectrometers for LC and IC-MS allowing you to focus on successfully using the system with integrated tools to help you quickly learn the MS system and perform analyses.


GC-MS software

All the advantages of Chromeleon CDS are now available to GC-MS users, bringing an established and widely-accepted CDS with many unique data processing and reporting features to what has traditionally been a workstation-based technique.

Chromeleon software offers data organized at the component level with advanced tools for fast and easy visualization of these large amounts of data. Reporting has been enhanced to make it easy to report components based on their specific channel, and NIST format library searching supports component identification and direct import of compound data, such as quantitation and confirmation ions, into the component table.

Thermo Scientific MS systems can be used with all of Chromeleon software’s productivity features including eWorkflow procedures. See how Broughton Laboratories uses Chromeleon CDS to ensure high-quality results and streamline operations for their GC-MS system.

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IC-MS software

With Chromeleon CDS you can increase the power of ion chromatography (IC) with MS detection.

MS detection enables you to ensure analytical confidence and dramatically improve the detection capability of your Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion or ICS-6000 HPIC system. IC-MS maximizes the ability to detect and quantify unexpected co-elution of components and to confirm trace components.

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Easy-to-Use MS interface: walk up and run

Thermo Scientific Chromeleon XPS software is an Open Access tool enabling users to simply walk up and use a very straightforward interface to exploit the full power of Chromeleon CDS, without actually using the CDS software itself.

The Chromeleon XPS interface provides a streamlined and easy-to-use interface for Chromeleon software, while maintaining full capabilities of the CDS, like instrument control, data processing, reporting, and compliance tools.


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