Unique column chemistries to solve your application challenges

We offer a complete line of ion chromatography columns for hydroxide, carbonate, and methanesulfonic acid (MSA) eluents, including anion and cation exchange columns in addition to amino acid and carbohydrate analysis columns, concentrator columns, trap columns and more. Many of our IC columns are available in our innovative 4µm-particle size format for high-pressure separations with greater resolution for your ion exchange chromatography.

Highlights of our ion chromatography columns

Wide column variety

Our large offering of IC columns means you will find the right column for your analytical needs.

Small particle size

Columns featuring 4µm particles offer better resolution, faster run times and more reliable results.

Carbohydrate analysis

Choose from Thermo Scientific Dionex CarboPac Columns packed with different phases to ensure the optimal separation for your carbohydrate sample.

Online purchasing

Conveniently order new ion chromatography columns directly from our website.

Consumables tracking

Select columns include an RFID tag, allowing you to track the installation and usage of your columns and avoid installation errors.

Select the right column

Use our selection tools to find the ideal ion chromatography column for the matrix you need to analyze and your analyte of interest.